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Our Facial Treatments


Our facials offer intensive care and rehab for your skin, so you can can look and feel your best! Before every session, we thoroughly analyze your skin composition so that you get the best treatment customized for your skin type.




  •           The Glowing Facial       $85

                    Targets aging skin along with wrinkles.  Ages 40 and up.

  •           The Mens Facial           $85

                    Targets men with aging and dryness.

  •           The Vibrant Facial     $85

            Targets skin in need of age prevention. Ages 30-40.

  •           The Blissfull Facial     $85

            Targets stressful skin in need of rejuvenation. Ages 20-30.

  •           The Clarifying Facial     $85

            Targets youthful skin in need of damage prevention. Ages 13-20.

  •    The Clarifying Acne Facial   $115

             A clarifying facial targeting acne prone skin.

             Includes High Frequency treatment.

  •          Savannah's Signature Mask Treatment     $75                      

        One of our most popular treatments! Our specially designed mask treatment   to unclog pores, remove dead  skin, un-wanted facial hair, along with white and black heads.Ages 13 and up.





 Microdermabrasion and Facial Peels:


  •           Savannah's Pumpkin Power Peel     $145

     Designed to help any type of skin reveal a healthier and younger appearance. Great for skin with acne scarring, dark spots and skin that has lost  elasticity.


  •            Savannah's Skin Miracle Treatment     $135

      Our Signature microdermabrasion treatment to nuture skin back to a youthful texture, combined with a hydrating facial. Ages 20 and up.

We offer both crystal and diamond tip microdermabrasion.








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