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Massage Therapy

Spot Knot Therapy $78 for 90 min.

Our most popular treatment and exclusive to Savannah's Spa helps heal athletes, blue collar workers, service industry workers, pyshical workers, and ideal for those who spend long hours at work or at the gym. Helps relieve kinks, pain, soreness, stifness, headaches, cramps, and sciatic pain.

Perfect for indivudals who suffer from a stiff neck!


Swedish Massage
A popular light pressure massage therapy. Soft strokes are applied to relieve tension. Soothing and relaxing.

$ 49 for 40 min. *

$ 59 for 55 min. *

$ 69 for 70 min. *

All above pricing is ONLY for SWEDISH MASSAGE, which means light pressure.


Pressure Therapy

Firm strokes are applied to relieve muscle tension. Firmer pressure than Swedish Massage, yet still comfortable and relaxing. Perfect for those that prefer more pressure, without the discomfort of Deep Tissue.

$ 75 for 70 min *

Deep Tissue Massage
Designed to focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to find knots and help your body loosen tight muscle areas. Heavier pressure is applied to release chronic patterns of tension in the body. Arnica oil is used to help stimulate the body as well as soothe muscle pain.
$ 85 for 60 min. *

Thai Massage
A stretching style massage designed to stretch and relax the muscles, restoring the flow of energy throughout the whole body. Perfect for achieving flexibility back to your body.
$ 75 for 60 min. *
Hot Stone Massage
Hot stones are placed at key points on the body. The heated basalt stones promote deep muscle relaxation, allowing the therapist to apply more pressure if desired.
$ 95 for 70 min. *

Stress Relief Massage
A massage of the face, scalp and neck, accompanied with Aromatherapy Incredibly relaxing.
$ 55 for 55 min. *

*All Massages include 10 minutes for dressing. NO TIME CUTTING!!!*



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