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Specialty Massages

Prenatal Massage
A medium pressure massage designed specifically for expecting Mothers. Prenatal massage addresses inflamed knots and nerves by reducing irritability, tension and stress.
$70 for 60 min.
Add Aromatherapy for an additional $10.00

Premenstrual Massage
Designed to reduce discomfort caused by Premenstrual syndrome. More attention is given to the stomach, back and feet. Effective in reducing anxiety, depression and pain.  Aromatherapy is included.

$52 for 55 min.


Chakra Alignment Massage
Our exclusive spirtual healing medium pressure massage therapy combined with Aromatherapy and Chakra stones to help aligin your body energy.

Chakras are the center of activity that receive and express life force energy.
$ 95 for 60 min.


Sciatic Relief Massage
Designed to relieve intense pain and numbing of the legs caused from Sciatica. This massage is done with the combination of pressure and the soothing properties of Arnica oil.
$ 70 for 45 min.

Still Point Cranial Massage
Done with Aromatherapy, Cranial massage works well for headache and stress relief as well as neck and back pain.
$ 48 for 30 min.


Lymph  Massage
A very delicate massage designed to improve lymphatic drainage and boost the immune system. 
$65 for 45 min.

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